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 Neverwinter - F2P "MMO"

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PostSubject: Neverwinter - F2P "MMO"   Tue Feb 12, 2013 1:31 am

Another game which uses the term MMO, meaning >MASS< multiplayer online loosely, but then describes the game as being a party based game with just a few players.

First of all. My angry points.

1) This is in no way related to Dungeons and Dragons style gameplay. It almost has the lore but from my knowledge wizards didn't teleport at level 1. Rogues didn't teleport at all. Warriors didn't have flame swords at level 1 and move at the speed of lightning at level 2.
-----------------------------------------added argument to this----------------------------


I have some serious issues with developers doing stuff like this. There is no scale of power. No progression. If I am to appear more powerful as I level up then I'd have to start wielding planets as throwing weapons. It should go like this;

Tiny little flame in your hand->Flame you can throw but still tiny->Little fireball->big arc firespray->bigger fireball->holding the mouse button down grows the fireball more->walls of fire->giant fire pillar from the sky->Meteor->Many meteors etc....

Now lets start from where Neverwinter starts.


(I'm actually pausing here because I'm trying to think what beats that)

Okay so I'm kinda stuck probably because of all the adjectives I've rapped up in there but yeah. If you just get super overly awesome things at the start there is no way you can feel that you've progressed in the game. You will never get an awesome feeling later on. For any music fans out there do you remember that tingling sensation of listening to the first great bit of music you loved? Do you get that feeling now after being exposed to it so much? Somewhat similar here.

2) The numbers are massively high now. D&D health starts around 5hp to 15hp and a high health rating would be about 500hp. This game already starts in the 100 rating and I can imagine drops off near the ten thousands. Whats so bad about this inuki? Well it's not D&D and I generally hate big badass numbers because it says to me "You are stupid". The most important point though is that the screen fills up with these gigantic numbers when really I want to see the game with a reference of what I'm doing. Seeing that you did 50 crit is alright because it doesn't fill the screen up. Seeing that you did 50,000 crit is absorbing my monitor.

3) It charges a ridiculous amount of money for actually buying stuff. Look here!

4) This game would be MUCH better if they dropped calling it Neverwinter and didn't bother making it D&D but 'like' it instead. Those titles bring expectations and they honestly don't deliver that.

Good things

1) The game looks somewhat fun to play as you have more control over the combat.

2) Animations are looking smooth besides melee particle/teleport effects. Some really great animations there ruined by particles or silly gimmicky ideas. Why not just add jetpacks and chainsaws already....

3) The foundry is the best part. You can make your own levels using their tileset and I've not seen fully what it can do. I imagine you can't create intuitive boss fights though or overly interesting levels. Chances are they just want to keep it simple possibly so they can sell their own content which will always be better and won't have competition from F2P designers. More likely because they think everyone are le idiots and won't be able to operate the toolset in an advanced manner. Even though those people are the types of people you REALLY want to make you content because they by themselves take the time out of their lives to learn how to create more epic things so you can enjoy it!

4) You have more control. Blocking and dodging and fighting. Mentioned already

5) It's PvE focused which means not much issues with balancing at all. MMO's with PvP focus fall short of content because of the constant shifts in balance. Constant attention to balance. You can't fight this imba dragon with 60 attacks that kill you. That would be imbalanced. You can only fight the classes you too can pick. Thats very uninteresting and not as 'random' as people constant say it is. PvP is more predictable than PvE provided the designers work on it.

You can't say PvE as a whole is more predictable when developers do awful bloody jobs at it. That is unfair.


Back to work now. Render done!

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PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter - F2P "MMO"   Tue Feb 12, 2013 2:43 pm

This is typical stuff from PW, they're a Chinese company who basically just make MMOs, they were also behind (via a subsidiary) Star Trek Online which had a lot of bad features although some redeeming ones.

I think they're biting of waaaaaaaaaaaay more than they can chew with this, the Neverwinter universe was a fantastically detailed one and from what you said it seems like they've dumbed it down a lot just to make it more sellable, which is exactly what they did to STO and the French/German versions of Jade Empire which were simplified to make their translation job easier and consequently a lot of the dialogue lost any real feeling of immersion.
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PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter - F2P "MMO"   Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:37 am

Neverwinter Nights 1 has more people playing online than Neverwinter Nights 2 last time I checked.

NwN 1 had a great multiplayer world. They lost that in Neverwinter Nights 2. You couldn't download on connecting to a server was the biggest issue really. Some spells were missing in NwN 2 alongside decent animations. It's odd that NwN 1 had much better animations and I still havn't seen anything following what they did in that game. When you started to have more attacks per round the amount of dodges/parries/blocks going on showed your awesome power and skill (artificial of course).

But yeah as I saw. Drop the title of Neverwinter. Lose all references to D&D. Would be a much better game just from that.
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PostSubject: Re: Neverwinter - F2P "MMO"   

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Neverwinter - F2P "MMO"
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